The international comments on the Iraqi draft constitution

Britain's Blair Praises Completion of Iraqi Constitution Draft

Prime Minister urges participation in constitutional referendum in October

Following is the text of Blair's statement on the Iraqi constitution:

(begin text) Prime Minister's Office
10 Downing Street 29
August 2005


Today's announcement of a new Iraqi constitution is an important and historic achievement.

The ethnic and religious diversity of Iraq made this a particularly complex task. But compromise is the essence of democracy. This text is testimony to the determination of the Iraqi people to build a free, secure and democratic future. It protects the rights of all Iraq's communities and the unity of Iraq.

The small minority who have chosen violence over democracy will no doubt respond with bloodshed and intimidation. But they can be defeated if Iraq's communities work together to build a unified Iraq in which the rights and interests of all are respected. It is vital that each of those communities participate fully in the democratic political process, including the referendum in October and elections in December.

The United Kingdom will continue to support the Iraqi people as they work for a democratic and united future in Iraq.

(end text)

European Union Welcomes Publication of Iraq's Constitution

EU presidency says it will continue to offer full support to the Iraqi people

Following is the text of the EU press release:

(begin text)



The United Kingdom, as Presidency of the EU, today welcomes the publication of Iraq's constitution.

The Presidency congratulates the Iraqi people on reaching this important milestone in the political process.

Drafting Iraq's constitution has been difficult. There have been compromises on all sides. But representatives from across Iraq's diverse community have now produced a constitution which we hope will set the foundations for a democratic Iraq.

The European Union encourages all Iraqis to play a part in the next stage of the political process by voting on the draft constitution in the October referendum. Broad public support for the constitution will help ensure a stable future for Iraq.

The Iraqis have succeeded in drafting this constitution despite the action of terrorists who are trying to destroy the country's desire for a peaceful future.

The EU will continue to offer its full support to the Iraqi people, including in assisting in the run-up to October's referendum and the national elections in December.

(end text)

United Nations Welcomes Completion of Iraq's Constitution Draft

Organization to continue promoting national dialogue, consensus-building

Following is the text of the U.N. statement about the Iraqi constitution:

(begin text)

New York, 28 August 2005
United Nations Statement by the Spokesman for the Secretary-General On the Constitution-making Process in Iraq

The Secretary-General welcomes the completion of the new draft constitution of Iraq, which has been the result of an Iraqi-led and Iraqi-owned process. He also welcomes the earnest efforts made by all Iraqi political entities under the difficult circumstances in which this process took place.

The Secretary-General urges all Iraqi communities and political entities to continue to work together in a spirit of national reconciliation, through a fully inclusive, transparent and participatory political process in the period leading to the national referendum, when the Iraqi people will decide on their new constitution.

The Secretary-General is pleased that the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and its constitutional team have been able to provide the necessary support to the constitution-making process and has instructed his Special Representative, Mr. Ashraf Qazi, to continue efforts to promote national dialogue and consensus-building among all Iraqi communities and political entities, with a view to helping the Iraqi people build the foundations of a new peaceful, democratic and united Iraq.

(end text)

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