Saddam to History Dustbin

It is really a new Middle East is emerging. The symbol of Arab dictatorship has gone to the place he deserves, the history dustbin.

There was no international tribunal for his crimes against humanity, against his people. It is the Iraqi people, his victims who tried and executed their criminal Nazi Ba'athist dictator.

It is the first time in the Arab history and will not be the last.

Although I am definitely not a supporter of death penalty, I can not at this time but to congratulate the Iraqi people on recovering their freedom, dignity and self-determination.

It is really a very clear message ringing from Tehran to Beirut that freedom and dignity will prevail.

Honor and glory to our martyrs and prisoners of freedom from Iraq to Lebanon and elsewhere and shame and disgrace to criminal dictators in this region and elsewhere.

Today, I ask all free Arabs and the free world to toast freedom and human dignity with me.

Cheers and.... NEXT.


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