Press Release: New Book by Nassim Yaziji

Change and Democracy in the Middle East:
Middle Eastern Researcher Defends the New Middle East

Aleppo ― March 25, 2009 ― In one basic center of the old Middle East, Nassim Yaziji the Syrian researcher specialized in international relations and the Middle East defends and advocates, through a new book, the new Middle East with an empirical, realistic and modern perspective, originated in and from the Middle East itself. His research on the Middle East and international Middle East policies has contributed to producing a significant and unique book.

Mr. Yaziji's second book "In Defense of the New Middle East: A Neo-Internationalist Perspective" has been published, advocating the new Middle East as a domestic and international necessity through the due change and democracy, and explaining this change through the Middle East's key realities and political developments the book analyzes.

This 264-page book includes more than 100 articles classified into several themes include the Neo-Internationalism, the Middle East geopolitics, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, the Palestinian question, Syria, international affairs and finally a tribute to freedom, applying a unique and advanced methodology.

As reflecting the author's modern perspective on the contemporary international relations, the international order and the Middle East, this book produces a transparent and realistic insight into the post-Iraq Middle East, its key realities, geo-strategic changes and geopolitics in the current international context, and significantly contributes to reaching an advanced realistic Middle East approach and strategy.

Mr. Yaziji welcomes and appreciates all reviews and comments. He can be reached via email, or via e-contact form. His book can be found at:


Nassim Yaziji is a Syrian researcher specialized in international relations and the Middle East. His research interests include the international order and organization in the post-9/11 era, Middle East geopolitics, Middle East policy and Middle East democratization. Mr. Yaziji adopts scientific realism. He adopts a perspective rests on the principles of Neo-Internationalism as defined by Yaziji himself. He advocates the acknowledgement of the human liberty at the international organization level, and advocates the promotion of freedom and democracy worldwide, especially in the Middle East. He fights totalitarianism and authoritarianism in all their religious and secular forms, and considers them as aggression against humanity.

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