For Freedom

I strongly condemn the barbaric attacks in London yesterday, I was deeply shocked, and I am sharing the sorrow of the great people of Great Britain especially in the wonderful city of London, which has a big space in my heart as the city of diversity, tolerance, science and knowledge besides the history and wonder.

We always expect sacrifices from the great nations for the great values of humanity, and that is the case of British and American nations, which gave -and still- a lot for the freedom and human dignity.

The aggression of London and the 9/11 one are aggressions on human and its freedom and dignity, made by criminal beasts have been long nourished by environment of frustration, deprivation, marginalization, humiliation, hate, instigation and propaganda in the Middle East. We -as Middle Eastern intellectuals- have been fighting this situation alone with bare hands left by the world to our destiny.

In reflection on this painful incident, I can feature some points:

  • The free world must make its decisive decision in changing the Middle East towards freedom and prosperity considering that the values of freedom, dignity and diversity are absolute values and are to prevail the world, and it will find a significant collaboration from inside the Middle East.
  • The war on terror must continue in momentum, and the European societies must not host or tolerate those carrying the Islamic extremist thought.
  • The governments of free world must be vigilant of prospective coalition between authoritarianism and extremism, such coalition will pose a serious challenge provided with political objectives, which must be faced with a comprehensive strategy has two pillars, the security action plan and a political strategy.
  • The comprehensive war on terror must take a shape of international systemic concerted effort sustained by the international order and the international law. The international resolutions and treaties on terror must be politically activated and the rogue states must be under close watch.
As the empire of evil was defeated, I am sure that the terrorists will be defeated too and every man will enjoy freedom.

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