Report of the Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya"
The Egyptian Movement for Change
No Heredity, No Succession

Report of the Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" about the villainous acts of violence committed by security personnel after having planned them with a higher will against the demonstrators of the movement on the day the mock referendum concerning the amendment of Article 76 of the Constitution on Wednesday, 25 May 2005.

A Black Day for the Oppression Forces and a Disgraceful Act on Part of the Egyptian Regime

The Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" organized three silent demonstrations in Cairo and similar demonstrations in governorate capitals, a right guaranteed by the Constitution to all citizens and acknowledged by law (prohibited by the Emergency Law by which the President has been ruling us since he came to power in 1981!!). The Movement's demonstration organizers noticed that the security density on the mentioned day –upon which the President's party (the National Democratic!!) was counting to prove a false popularity and to pass the amendment through the non-democratic means for which the NDP and its government have been known. The amendment is meant to restrict objecting people's movements, opposition parties that have boycotted the referendum and civil society organizations by constitutional restraints. The organizers of the demonstrations noticed the unusually high security density which included officers and central security soldiers in the places the Movement had announced it would hold its demonstrations in the newspapers. Organizers also noticed that the security personnel prevented and viciously harassed any small gatherings. Buses carrying thugs (organized by the NDP, its Policies Committee and its Women's Secretariat, as well as affiliated associations th claim interest in helping Egyptian women progress). They were all prepared in the buses close to security elements. They included muscular types (Karate and wrestling …..) in civilian clothes for disguise. The organizers of the demonstrations decided to re-direct the demonstrations to a location close to Saad Zaghloul's grave where the demonstration started with a small number. Security forces soon noticed the demonstration before all the participants arrived and attacked the demonstrators in accordance with a plan and premeditation to exercise the fiercest type of violence and immoral assaults against the demonstrators. Following are the most significant incidents and events:

- All elements of security exercised extreme oppression from the first moment when attacking the demonstrators.
- Security –in the beginning- surrounded demonstrators and severely pressured them with their backs to the wall then violently forced them apart using central security soldiers to divide the demonstrators into isolated smaller groups.
- Security personnel hastened to deal with demonstrators –in their small groups- using Karate-trained individuals and wrestlers in civilian clothes who acted upon direct orders from the officers. The officers directly ordered the thugs to mercilessly attack girls and women using extremely foul language. They would then seek to kidnap prominent individuals –male and female- to side streets away from the demonstration where they would beat and drag them on the ground then hide them in policed trucks or nearby police stations.
- The demonstrations of the hired thugs, some of whom are dangerous criminals with a police record, arrived in buses and minibuses after the security personnel called them. They were shouting pro-Mubarak slogans, as if they were his supporters (while in fact they were hired at LE20 each, LE4 of which the persons are deducted by the persons who hire them as a hiring fee!!). They were led by a National Democratic Party (NDP) leader or People's Assembly member. As soon as they arrived on the scene, security forces allowed them to surround the demonstration outside the police circle, making noises to overshadow opposition slogans. After that security forces allowed them to enter, by direct incitement of their leader and the officers, to assault the demonstrators with their hands and feet, regardless if the person they are beating is male, female, young man or elderly. Those who get away are taken by the officers surrounding the area. The officers then deliver the persons to the soldiers and their civilian elements to complete the job. They would then hide the persons in police trucks or stations if they were on the verge of losing consciousness.
- Security, through central security soldiers and security personnel in civilian clothes, focused on sexually harassing girls and women, violently handling their bodies, tearing their clothes and pulling the remaining clothes to leave the ladies naked or pulling the veils off ladies' heads, dragging them on the ground by the hair. Ladies who managed to escape were followed by security or thugs who surround the ladies and complete the villainous acts. Taxis which ladies were able to call or get into were stopped and the ladies forced out after terrorizing the driver to continue what their abject morals allowed them. Ladies who took refuge in stores or buildings were surrounded and attacked by direct orders from the officers.
- The self-same scenario was repeated after the Egyptian Movement for Change relocated the demonstration to the stairs of the Journalists' Syndicate in Abdel-Khalek Tharwat street. Security forces arrived first, surrounding and pressuring demonstrators. They were followed by the thugs accompanied by their leaders from the NDP, the People's Assembly, the Women's Secretariat and Women's Associations, called by security. The same buses and microbuses brought them to commit the same shameful acts condemned by all norms, religions and deeply-rooted Egyptian traditions. This indicates that it was a plan premeditated by high security leadership and approved by their superiors for the vicious and immoral attack against the demonstrators. There were directions given about these attacks to be implemented similarly everywhere although the officers in charge changed from one location to another.
- After the Egyptian Movement for Change moved to the second location (the stairs of the Journalists' Syndicate), security forces started to block all entrances to Abdel-Khalek Tharwat street (from Ramses street and from the other side where the Judges' Club is located) and prevented the public from entering to where the demonstration was, maybe for fear that the demonstrators would move to a third location. Ordinary citizens were terrorized and prevented from entering under the pretext that they did not carry press cards. Additional soldiers were brought, armored trucks, water pumping vehicles and fire trucks. The last and despicable massacre was prepared and executed against those who were surrounded on the Journalists' Syndicate stairs. Thugs were allowed to violently beat and violate demonstrators.
- The police focused on arresting camera men, beating and humiliating female correspondents through sexual harassment, beating journalists and destroying their cameras. It seems to be experience acquired from the occupation forces in Iraq to hide their crimes from public opinion.
- The police refused to allow victims to file complaints in more than one police station, which represents negligence that is definitely in response to previously received higher orders. Meanwhile, the police hastened to file reports in favor of some of the perpetrators unfairly accusing demonstrators of wounding them to adopt the Egyptian saying "He beat me then cried, running to complain before I do." The police filed a report of the false incident. The police also refused to file reports for injured people in public and private hospitals, adding yet another crime to the list.
- Contemptible police and security actions were not restricted to subjecting demonstrators to such shameful violence. They followed some individuals, arresting them in various places, falsely accuse them. Some of the mentioned persons were subjected to torture that render American practices in the Iraqi prison of Abu-Ghraib child's play. One example is citizen Khairy Mohamed Omar who was taken to the State Security Investigations headquarters in Gaber Ibn-Hayyan street, Doqqi. Khairy Mohamed Omar was stripped completely naked and tortured through violent beatings using the hands, fists, feet, shoes and sticks, targeting sensitive areas of his body. He was also pulled by and subjected to electric shock to sensitive parts of his body. A thick stick was forced into his anus. He repeatedly lost consciousness and helped to regain consciousness for his torturers to continue their task. After ensuring that Khairy Mohamed Omar's dignity was destroyed (although it is preserved despite the oppressors), he was released to tell his story which they believed would serve as a deterrent to those who have not yet experienced fear.

List of the Names of Real Perpetrators:
1. President of the Republic, Mr. Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, as directly responsible for all police actions in accordance with the Constitution (Articles 184 and 141).
2. General Habib al-Adly, Interior Minister
3. General Hassan Abdel-Rahman, head of State Security
4. General Nabil el-Ezaby, Head of Cairo Security
5. General Ismail el-Sha'er, head of the Capital's Investigations
6. Brigadier General Hossam Salama, State Security Officer, Cairo Branch
7. Captain Ahmed el-Azzazy, in charge for unions and syndicates
8. Commissioner and officers of the Kasr el-Nil police station
9. Abdallah Al-Watidi, Cairo Security Directorate officer
10. Security officers at their location in Gaber Ibn-Hayyan street, Doqqi
11. Officers, soldiers, security members wearing civilian clothes and thugs whose photos were taken. The Interior Minister and his ministry should disclose their names, positions and the ranks of those whose ranks were not clear in the photos
12. National Democratic Party Secretary General Safwat al-Sherif
13. People's Assembly member Thoraya Labina
14. Chairman of the Board of the Women's Development Association Iman Bibars
15. Magdy Allam, member of the NDP Policies Committee and assistant secretary of the NDP committee, Cairo
16. Magdy Ibrahim, People's Assembly representative for Azbakiya
17. Ali al-Saghir, Bar Association member, NDP
18. Mohamed al-Deeb (Al-Radwa Company)
19. Maged al-Sherbini, NDP youth secretary
20. Mohamed Hanafi, NDP member

All the above mentioned persons are accused of committing pre-meditated violence against demonstrators. They are also accused of bringing, directing, ordering and inciting thugs and dangerous criminals against demonstrators and media personnel (including journalists, correspondents, photographers, cameramen and satellite channel personnel) through beating, dragging on the ground, violating, stealing money, mobile phones and personal belongings.

List of the Victims
Nashwa Talaat: Actress. She was beaten and perpetrators tried to take off her clothes.
Nawal Mohamed Ali: (journalist in Al-Geel). She was dragged by the hair, violently beaten until she lost consciousness and subjected to sexual harassment. Her gold jewelry, mobile and LE600 were stolen.
Iman Taha: She was dragged on the ground, beaten in sensitive areas of her body and subjected to sexual harassment.
Iman Ouf: She was beaten, physically humiliated and detained for two hours.
Professor Dr. Laila Suweif
Shaimaa Abul-Kheir: Journalist in al-Dustour newspaper.
Sarah Alaa al-Deeb: Associated Press Correspondent. She was beaten.
Rania Mohamed al-Ashqar: Employee. She was beaten and her veil taken off.
Abeer al-Askari: Journalist in al-Dustour newspaper.
Rab'a Fahmy: Lawyer. She was beaten and stripped naked after her clothes were torn.
Lina al-Ghadban: Al-Jazeera Correspondent
Jailan Zayyan: Los Angeles Times Correspondent
Ranwa Yehia: Correspondent of the German News Agency
Lamiaa Radi: Agence France Presse (AFP)
"Hagga" (title meaning she has gone on Pilgrimage to Mecca) Zeinab
Hany Riad: His nose was broken
Diaa al-Sawy
Akram Irani
Mohamed Mahmoud
Tamer Wagih
Issam Zakaria
Sayed Abdel-Qader: Coordinator of the Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" in Ismailiya
Hossam Reda
Abdel-Kader Hashem: Lawyer, Ismailiya
Mohamed Helmy: Lawyer
Salah al-Sayegh: Wafd
Mohamed Al-Masry: Tagammu'
Akram Helmy
Ahmed al-Bardi
Sameh Reda
Mohamed Malek
Khaled Abdel-Hamid
Gamal Fahmy: Journalist and member of the Journalists' Syndicate
Abdel-Halim Qandil: Editor-in-Chief of al-Arabi newspaper

With its demonstrations, the Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" exercised a fundamental Constitutional and legal right the exercise of which is manipulated through the Emergency Law which is continuously extended despite objections of the people, opposition parties, public figures that influence the nation, journalists and intellectuals. The Kefaya Movement has peacefully exercised its right to perform demonstrations that were planned to be silent but did not remain so due to the provocations on part of the security, its thugs and NDP thugs!! Kefaya exercised its right declaring its rejection of a mock referendum, the results of which were previously known. President Mubarak, his regime and political party that monopolizes authority (and illegally prevents the democratic circulation of power according to the people's true will) intended with this referendum to empty the desired change from its meaning, restrict it through the Constitution using the administratively fabricated weapon of the People's Assembly majority, a method that has met with the objection of the Judiciary and the people. The Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" exercised its right and there was no justification (there is no justification to begin with) to use this blatant and despicable violence against Kefaya demonstrators and journalists, news agency representatives and correspondents of Arab and International satellite channels who were there to cover the demonstration. The Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" declares as loud as possible that it will not stop opposing the regime or peacefully demonstrating until it breaks –with honorable strugglers in Egyptian political parties, civil society organizations (free unions, syndicates and associations)- the monopoly over the authority that is taken by force from its real owners among the Egyptian people. Kefaya affirms that it will legally pursue and persecute criminals in Egypt, the International Criminal Court and human rights organizations worldwide (as Egypt has signed and ratified all human rights treaties and international treaties concerning the pursuit of criminals). We will not stop standing in the face of and exposing the regime using all peaceful means, until every criminal receives their just punishment.

Attachment: Live testimonies of victims.
Attachment: Photos that provide proof of the shameful acts committed by security and the President's party members.

Thursday 2nd June 2005

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