The Future of Political Crimes in the Middle East

Saddam's trial is a milestone in the Middle East history.

The monster is in the cage. that is simply rightful and just. Actually, the first comment I wrote was "the dictator in the cage, freedom outside." It is simple but meaningful comment.

My colleagues in the free world have written thousands of pages on democracy's possibilities and deficits in the Middle East. They introduce a lot of status analysis, case studies, historical analysis and policy recommendations. With my respect to their work outcomes, I think it is necessary to make a point clear; in the democratization process the first target is the power (the ruler).

The first wall faces democracy march in the Middle East is the regimes (the de facto political power). This is due to one fact, we perceive a western difficulty in well grasping of, -almost because they did not experience the totalitarian state. This fact is that the political power (the regime) dictates the entire political game with its rules i.e. the regime is constructing the entire political scene in the country and has no participants in doing so because of the nature of totalitarianism.

We understand the nature of the democratization process and its requisites and conditions but we realize that dealing with the current regime is the first indispensable requisite.

For that, I can say "the dictator in the cage and freedom outside."

On the political projections of Saddam's trial concerning the Middle East, I think it a clear sign that the political crime in the Middle East is not tolerated anymore and the despots of the Middle East must coexist with this new reality; if they can, and I doubt it. And when we pay attention to the international investigation into Mr. Hariri's assassination, the message would be clearer.

To get an Arabic dictator from the presidency palace to try him publicly by his long-oppressed people is the end of an era and an overture to a new era in which the United States is leading the international community to make a definite choice. The political crime in the Middle East including the crimes against peoples will not be tolerated anymore and the perpetrators will face justice.

The international commitment to this new deal will put the Middle East in the right course, free of political crimes. Let us hope.

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