On December 10, I wrote on protecting Arab intellectuals: to Arab liberals, danger is real; fear is legitimate, citing Lebanon particularly in this post. On December 12, a prominent Lebanese journalist and politician, a symbol of the Cedar Revolution, the revolution of Lebanese freedom and independence, Gebran Tueni was assassinated after a long history of struggle against totalitarianism and dictatorship, when the other were silenced, to join his assassinated friend also, Samir Qassir.

I have just watched his funeral in an Orthodox church in Beirut and his farewell to his
journal and the Lebanese Parliament and to the people of Beirut who elected him a representative.

I am heartbroken, although Gebran and Samir freely chose death as brave hearts.

Gebran and Samir are alive and absolute free, as Gebran's daughter believes because the freedom does not die so is Gebran Tueni.


live forever in our hearts, we loved you and we will stay love you forever. You will stay the guiding light of us; you will stay our brave heart. Our promise to you is, you will be always alive and free, and we will stay the course.

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