Forty days ago, the Representative and journalist Gebran Tueni was assassinated for freedom and for the free Lebanon in the string of killing and terror Lebanon undergoes. It was painful and hurting with no cure. We lost a hero, striver and guide; we lost the brave-and-free-until-death word. He had known by official memos from Lebanese and international sources that his name is on the killing list, but the fearless man wanted to liberate Lebanon and paid his life for liberating Lebanon besides the other Lebanese freedom's martyrs.

They killed Gebran but they can not ever kill freedom and the free Lebanon, which Gebran paid his life for. Gebran died for Lebanon to live and for freedom to prevail. I have just watched the Gebran's memorial Mass at the Orthodox church of St. George in Beirut on the TV. The metropolitan (bishop), who has known Gebran for a long time, talked of Gebran's freedom, love, courage and transparency, the always-free Gebran who always loved Lebanon and strived for until death. Apparently, that the Lebanese knows the problem and got the message, the freedom and transparency are forbidden in Lebanon under death penalty. But the Lebanese rejected it and chose freedom, the Gebran's way, because he lighted up the way and made the paradigm.

Nobody can take Gebran off our hearts, he will live there forever, and he will always be our guiding light. When he died, he got our ultimate promise that we will stay the course, his course, and Lebanon will be always free and from it, the freedom will spread to where he wanted it to spread.

Gebran Tueni, rest in peace; Lebanon is free.

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