Lebanon Under Attack

The "Iranian Armed Group of Hezbullah" has proved to the whole world that they are the "Iranian Terrorist Armed Group of Hezbullah" after their latest terrorist attacks. This time it is not the Israeli civilians are the victims, whom their government proved that it is totally out of the strategic sense of the 'new Middle East' after Iraq when it secured and supported over the past years a totalitarian terrorist regime, which is one of the two operators of the Iranian Terrorist Armed Group of Hezbullah, and ultimately made a fool of itself after the result demonstrated in the high cost it paid last summer. This time the victims of Hezbullah are the Lebanese civilians who were yesterday under attack of the Hizbullah terror. The aggression targeted Beirut besides freedom and civilization as quite expected from a totalitarian armed gang as Hezbullah on behalf of the Middle East totalitarian axis and to preclude the Special Tribunal for Lebanon at any cost.

On the other side, it was really impressive how the Lebanese Christians and Muslims were working together side by side to defend their country and their freedom. It was really a promising model for the civilization's renaissance in the Middle East in face of the prevailing uncivilized totalitarianism and authoritarianism there.

As I frequently said before, the problem was diagnosed and the prescription was and still obvious and stated in the historic UNSC resolution 1559. I frequently warned of not fully implementing this resolution that it would cause Lebanon to be held as a hostage on behalf of some regional totalitarian regimes.

I will repost my article, Lebanon's Independence and Democracy, written more than a year ago:

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Lebanon's Independence and Democracy

The forces of the old Middle East, the pre-2003 Middle East, through the totalitarian-terrorist alliance, are fighting to survive. After the consecutive failures in Iraq to restore the totalitarianism as an indispensable guarantee to the Middle East stagnancy, which based on the authoritarianism and the interdependent system of despotic regimes to ensure their sustainability, the pursuit now is to impede the international pro-democracy effort to spread out in the Middle East.

I have frequently said that liberating Lebanon belongs to the same sense of the course of action of liberating Iraq. This course of action represents the international "new deal" in the Middle East through the strategic effort to end the cold-war era in the region besides the Soviet legacy there. The success in Lebanon is important as much as the success in Iraq; it is a requisite for the long-term stability and for a thriving democratic project in the region.

The regional totalitarian and terrorist forces and their Lebanese proxies are flouting the international community and the international resolutions by murdering and intimidating the Lebanese politicians and intellectuals who are the symbols and cadres of the liberating Cedar Revolution. Furthermore, they are hindering the political reform in Lebanon and stalling the Lebanese people's ability to rule themselves and their country independently, freely and democratically.

Lebanon now is almost besieged from outside and inside too. The terrorist groups, which are directly attached to foreign governments characterized with their destructive role in the Middle East, as the Iranian terrorist group of Hezbullah and some Palestinian gangs commanded by a neighboring totalitarian regime, are still holding their arms and military bases on the Lebanese territory. Furthermore, some parties of those, mainly the Iranian terrorist group of Hezbullah, are playing the role of hindering the elected government from discharging its responsibilities in protecting the Lebanese people, sovereignty and democracy and ensuring the Lebanese independence and integrity through their participation in the government or/and their possession of arms and bases on the Lebanese territory constituting a de facto state inside the legitimate state.

The international powers must clearly realize the disastrous effects and consequences to inflict the stability and the democratic movement in the region and the geopolitical achievements of the Operation Iraqi Freedom too if they did not move seriously to ensure the full implementation of the UNSC resolution 1559. Furthermore, the international community holds the responsibility to protect the Lebanese people through decisive international measures.

The indecisiveness of the international community about the comprehensive war against Lebanon and its freedom and independence may ultimately cause Lebanon to be held as a hostage on behalf of some regional totalitarian regimes. In addition, it would let the Middle East reformers down and would serve the Middle East authoritarian status quo alongside risking more the regional security and fragile stability.


Nassim Yaziji's Neo-Internationalism

Nassim Yaziji's perspective


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