Censorship: Aggression against Civilization

To understand the censorship system, we should understand the totalitarian and authoritarian systems, and the essential association between the censorship system and non-democratic systems.

In the authoritarian system, the authority represented by the ruling regime cannot be contested (including its opinions) even at the intellectual and theoretical levels, and here is the rule of censorship.

The totalitarian system, the most dangerous and brutal of all governing systems, there, definitely, is one ideology serving as the base for every single part the state's structure that is imposed on the society, including a total system of values. There should be one rhetoric and one truth are represented by the de facto ruling regime, mostly the dictator.

Therefore, the censorship here is an indispensable means for the regime, which excludes, and sometimes executes, any other views or discourse on politics, economics, society and even culture. Some main examples of the totalitarian system are North Korea, Iran and the former Soviet Union.

Although the political base of the censorship system, there are other aspects of this system of crucial importance. The political dimension here is obvious by itself as all non-democratic systems. In addition, there is no need to argue about the fact that censorship, in itself, is an aggression against human freedom. Nevertheless, the other dimensions of the censorship system are also of great importance and have disastrous consequences. These dimension I want to spotlight here.

The main application of the censorship system is the exclusiveness of discourse, fact, thought and even values as adopted by the regime that exerting censorship. Therefore, censorship eliminates diversity and all sides of intellectual and cultural communication and interaction, which are the base for human development and, consequently, the human civilization. There was no civilization without diversity and such interaction, and this is well known in the historical studies.

Then, censorship is a very dangerous question at the human level. It is not just prevents society from enabling its individuals of their political rights and public freedoms, it also kills their human development prospects and, consequently, their prospect prosperity and welfare. And excludes entire societies from interacting and integrating with the rest of the world and the universal civilization. Hence, the censorship system is an aggression against civilization.

Here, we just need to remember how are backward and underdeveloped the countries inflicted with censorship systems. The Middle East serves as a very good example, especially as it has some of the most censored countries in the world.

Hence, every civilized country, organization or any party should fight censorship. Leading international powers should pressure censorship regimes and dictators to achieve the goal of free human exchange, communication and interaction in a censorship-free world to eliminate this aggression against human civilization.

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