Fabricating Terror and Targeting Lebanon

Seemingly, Baath regime starts to take advantage of the new phase with the new elected democratic president in the United States.

As expected by everybody knows the last Baath located in Syria, its security apparatus was a very bad director to a fiasco play or drama. Baath security geniuses claimed that they discovered the network responsible for the latest explosion in Damascus. Recently, the Baath TV broadcasted their confessions after a long and wide publicity and advertisement of these confessions.

As exactly expected, they indirectly accused Lebanon after a previous and very early political statement claiming north Lebanon a terror base threatening Syria. But the funniest thing about the extremely bad and funny direction of this drama was choosing Fatah-al Islam as responsible for Damascus attack while the entire world and every concerned intelligence department in the world clearly knows who invented and supported this group and for what reason.

Apart from this futile and worthless Baath drama and publicity, there are some key questions about the criminal investigation and the crime scene Baath had better answer them. Fist of all, where did the exploded car disappear minutes after it had been exploded, and who took it and why? By the way, there is no court in the world would take this investigation in this case. How was the road where the explosion took place repaired and opened to the public minutes after the explosion, and who authorized that? Then, what is Baath geniuses' conception of 'crime scene'? In these circumstances, how and where was the investigation done?

The most important question is how this big network gathered, worked, planned, smuggled hundreds of kilograms of explosives to Syria, and get to Syria in the first place without notice of 17 security apparatuses have more than 238 branches (17x 14 provinces) and tens of thousand agents while, for example, every single bit passes Syria is monitored and registered via internet proxies, not to mention telephone calls.

The final key question is why Baath regime did not comment on the reports claiming that a security officer is a key suspect in Hariri killing was killed in Damascus explosion. Let them keep the answer to the international tribunal.

Baath group in Syria is stupidly continuing its scheme directed at Lebanon and its independence, sovereignty and democracy after the results of the U.S. elections as their Democrats friends have won.

Finally, I urge Baath group to send those tapes (confession tapes) to America's Funniest Home Videos program (AFV) with the annotation of winning Democrats there, and I am sure it would win the prize.

Written on 11/8/2008

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