Apology to the Danish and Norwegian Peoples

I, as a Syrian, utterly condemn the barbaric aggression against the Danish and Norwegian embassies in Damascus on February 4, 2006 and present my sincere apology to the Danish and Norwegian peoples. I have been shocked by these irresponsible sorrowful incidents.

I can assure that the Syrian people, who do not currently enjoy the right of self-determination, would not behave in such manner. These incidents are unique and unfamiliar in the history of the peaceful and hospitable Syrian people, who always stress on the friendship with the Danish, Norwegian and all European and western peoples.

Day by day, what I always said on the totalitarianism become more and more obvious. I stress again that the totalitarianism constitutes an integrated and interdependent system including all its various aspects religious and ideological. It embeds, encourages and supports the violence culture and means at the domestic and international level and operates through alliances of convenience employing whatever needed of the violent means including terror to serve illegitimate political objectives and to fight the freedom.

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