Today, Syrians are celebrating the national Independence Day. As a Syrian who condemned to live in this era of "independent Syria," let me define, in brief, the meaning of independence as we are living it in the revolutionary socialist resistant independent Syria (and going now to be the Islamic revolutionary socialist resistant independent Syria according to Saddam's prescription). Looted and ruined country; devastated and enslaved people; lost nation and civilization; flourished totalitarianism, beside the countless accomplishments of the revolution, which no American administration ever could claim it achieved even 10% of them.

As these accomplishments exceed my ability of perception, I spent some years after my graduation from the Lebanese University's Political Science faculty (the revolution had forgotten this discipline in the Ba'ath universities, besides my inability to grasp the Ba'ath's genius progressive political vision and literature, which exceed the reactionary standard Political Science) searching for my rights as a Syrian citizen. I have found, as a result, just countless rights all of them about enjoying the countless accomplishments of the revolution!

Therefore, I am searching now for any country, I can get a refugee's rights there, and I call upon all the non-Islamic; non-revolutionary; non-socialist; non-resistant governments to help me in finding an available country and to save the international human rights organizations' efforts in looking for me in the Ba'ath basements.

Finally, as a political researcher, I would like to announce the latest of my findings in the Political Science discipline. Every liberal political researcher has a research project and works, condemned to live in a Ba'athist Islamic revolutionary socialist resistant independent country will, eventually, seek refuge in any non-Ba'athist; non-Islamic; non-revolutionary; non-socialist; non-resistant country. Does any political scientist defy me on that?

In honor of this occasion, I quote from the declaration of the First Civil Forum Parallel to the Arab Summit entitled "Second Independence":

"Half a century since they gained independence, the Arab peoples have been suffering from civil wars and widespread brutal suppression. During these years, the Arab region has achieved the lowest level of development and freedom and the highest levels of corruption, unemployment, poverty and despotism all over the world. Now reform ranks high on the agenda, bringing in the phase of 'second independence' [2] i.e. complementing the right of the peoples to self determination – self-rule/democracy and respect for human rights - that was not exercised through the 'first' independence."

Viva freedom

Viva free Syria

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