A Tribute to Lebanese Independence Government and Prime Minister Saniora

(picture: Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad al-Saniora)

Lebanese independence government got the job done in Lebanon. Yes, the heroic government did it led by an extraordinary statesman, a real hero is Fouad al-Saniora.

This government achieved the political independence from the Baath occupation and made Lebanon a free, sovereign and independent country under the sole and exclusive authority of the government of Lebanon after long decades of totalitarian occupation.

This government extended the state's control over all Lebanese territory and ended the Iranian canton of Hezbullah armed militia in southern Lebanon, which came back to the Lebanese Republic.

This government achieved the international tribunal for Lebanon (Special Tribunal for Lebanon) to protect Lebanon and save the freedom, democracy and independence of Lebanon in spite of all sacrifices and painful costs it had to pay.

This government saved Lebanon, maintained the civilization in Lebanon, and protected the diversity and public freedoms in Lebanon despite the huge challenges posed by the barbarian armed-militia of Hezbullah with its allies of bandits and thugs representing the Middle East Totalitarian Axis led by Iranian regime and al-Baath. And it never let this totalitarian criminal axis win in Lebanon despite this axis' tremendous criminality and violence shown and exerted in Lebanon.

This government protected the Christian presence in Lebanon and Christians' potential presence in Lebanon as the center of the Christian presence in the East despite the Iranian project of the Middle East, so-called the "Islamic Middle East." And I acknowledge that as a Christian.

This government saved and protected peacefully Lebanon's democracy, democratic institutions, the constitution and the rule of law, and defeated all violent attempts of Iranian-Baath barbarian armed militias to take over the country.

This heroic government never gave up until the last minute of its constitutional mandate even when the democratic world, especially Europe, let Lebanon down in front of the Middle East Totalitarian Axis and its barbarian armed militias.

Now, as the constitutional mandate of this government, the independence government, came to an end, I urge the entire civilized world and all free and civilized people around the world to pay tribute to this heroic and historic government, especially to its head Prime Minister Fouad al-Saniora.

Nassim Yaziji

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