International Financial Crisis and Syria

Many experts, organizations and even countries tried to work out the international financial crisis blowing world's financial markets, but neither succeeded.

One party in the world has the solution to this serious crisis. Yes, it is one party is the 'last Baath' located in Syria for ruling it.

So, our Baath geniuses appeared on our revolutionary TV and with a huge dose of confidence and pride announced that Syria was not affected by the international financial crisis, simply, because there is no financial market in Syria. And problem is solved, actually, there is no problem to solve because there is no financial market at first. The revolution (Baath's revolution) always has the solution, and most of times, if not always, a preemptive solution.

And here is the success story, the blessed revolution of Baath group extended its achievements to the financial market in Syria by eliminating it and relieving Syria from such huge and serious problems coming from colonial evil powers, and added another achievement to the long list of achievements.

Hence, the entire world is asked and urged to take from the genius Baath approach and its blessed genius revolution, and to apply them for elimination the world's problems. So, according to our genius Baath, the financial markets are at crisis, ok, get rid of them and the crisis would go away!

But the problem of the world, especially the free democratic world, is that it is stupid enough not to understand the Baath nature and letting it isolated in its last castle of resistance feeling lonely. (Except Israeli regime and Sarkozy of course)

Let's back to Syria and the international financial crisis, and congratulate the Syrian people for having such genius Baathist regime, which preempted the crisis and eliminated and banned Syrian financial market, bourse (stock market), real banks, credit cards and finally pre-paid cards, and recently they apparently banned jobs because no graduate can fined a job now in Syria after 16 years of study. By the way, can you believe that I don't have a credit or even pre-paid card to buy some stuff online or to pay for magazines and books?

Finally, if have such case, you should know that you are even in the Middle Ages or in a resistance castle of Baath.