Fallacy or Scheme: Northern Lebanon Terror

Are there some terrorists in some places in Lebanon? The answer is yes. But do they have a Lebanese infrastructure or Lebanese origin in systematic way? The answer is no.

First of all, during the Syrian intervention, the Islamic presence, especially in political terms, in northern Lebanon, particularly in Tripoli is a state created and nourished by the Syrian security apparatus as a tactic while trying to rule all Lebanon during the civil war there, and employed for this goal.

The absolute evidence of this fact can be easily extracted from the stage of Syrian administration of Lebanon after the civil war when the Syrian authority maintained the Islamic phenomenon in Tripoli, while it was hysterically exterminating it in Syria.

This was in the first place, then there were some evidences and indicators that the policy of 'keeping' turned into engagement and takeover of some factions and groups to employ them in the future in the Lebanese equation and to have them as pretexts for future possible actions.

On the terror side, it is well established that the major terrorist group appeared in northern Lebanon is Fatah al-Islam, if any other. It is until now the only organized terrorist group there.

This group's leader and founder is Shaker al-Abbsi who was in some Syrian prison. And this is an internationally known fact as he was wanted by Jordan for trial and the Syrian regime refused to turn him in until he disappeared from his prison and appeared in a Palestinian refugee camp Naher al-Bared in northern Lebanon.

It is not magic. Actually, it is about the open borders to persons, explosives and weapons between Syria and Lebanon (refer to the United Nations Security Council documents on this question).

Then, Abbsi found his group, took over the camp from pro-Syrian Palestinian forces without any bullet, and stocked new and good weapons and huge quantities of ammunitions and food supplies while the Lebanese state had no control over the camp.

Furthermore, the recruiting activity of this group was surprising with a wide-open way to extremist Islamists from the region to be smuggled to the camp while got arrested in Syria in the return way, just for those who found this group as an intelligence instrument more than a jihadist group. Some of those are still arrested in Syria until now as reports indicate. This is really a surprising one-way terror.

Finally, it is quite obvious where northern Lebanon terrorists came from, and the side armed and supported them, and for what reason or goals. Northern Lebanon is not a source of terror. And if there are any exported terrorists there deducted from Iraq's quota, the Lebanese would destroy them shortly as they did with exported Fatah al-Islam group.

What is really urged and needed now, as an international priority, is to search for the base by which terrorists are exported to Iraq and Lebanon.

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