Syria: A Country without Politics

Every governing system in any country is attached to a state of politics. The politics here is an entire system-like state with integrated parts and components. The entire state of politics affects the governing system and gets affected by it. Then, there is a dialectical relation between them in addition to an essential integration.

In any given country, there should be a state of politics as there is a governing system whatever is it. This is also true with non-democratic governing systems, which produce a shape of politics compatible with it with special specifications and narrowed scope and structure in comparison with the wide and vigor politics in the democratic governing systems. Then, every governing system has its associated shape of politics whatever this system is.

There is a really unique case concerning Syria that is no politics there! There is a governing system imitated from the Soviet school run by a persistent Baathist regime inherited from more than 40 years ago. Nevertheless, there is no politics; actually, it is banned and inflicts the potential activist very bad and serious consequences. In addition, even the politics within the governing system is not found, and the politics inside the regime is also hidden and ignored.

In Syria, you find everything set, but no one knows how, why or even who set it. Everything is surprising and does not have pre-existence leads and prerequisites. Decision-making is the big mystery; no one can know anything about it. So, even moving the public transport center in a Syrian city is a surprising sudden mystery, in which no citizen can have a say.

Therefore, it is difficult in Syria to feel as a citizen. The Syrian native lost his own identification before his country. Actually, with this mysterious unique governance, citizens became just a horde. This change, apparently, ended the relation of citizenship and its structure, which took with it the politics in this country.

With the losing of citizenship and the absence of politics, only political stagnation prevails. Hence, the stagnation becomes the only reality, and the significance gets entirely lost in complete absence.

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